Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fun at Franklin Park

I took my girls out to the newly re-built Franklin Park today. Located at 14th and Emmett Streets in Allentown, it has traditionally been considered a very bad place to be. But I am happy to say that that is no longer the case! The atmosphere is excellent there and the new playground is a total blast. My favorite part was the community gardens off to the side where I saw many plants including squash and tomatoes. I love seeing signs of life and care in the city. And with the new city camera set up over the park, the folks who generally made trouble have found new places to congregate.

My daughters played on the playground while I picked up trash and prayed. It's incredible how short of a time it takes to clean up an area. There was trash scattered about, but in less than five minutes the park was clear and beautiful.

There were many children running about, so I took time to pray over them. I broke lies in Jesus name and spoke a covering of truth over them. I just cannot wait to see what God is going to be doing with this next generation in Allentown!

But even though the atmosphere in the park was nice, I could not help but feel the cloud over the folks who surrounded it. Everybody seemed worried and anxious. They kept looking over their shoulders. I look forward to more opportunities to share love and truth with these people. I love that as followers of Jesus, we know that "to live is Christ and to die is gain." We literally have nothing to lose and therefore have nothing to fear! If we would ever die, it would not be our loss, it would be a loss for the world. I don't say that in pride, I say it in truth. The world needs more love and we're happy to give it!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Drive-by Loving

A drive-by shooting happened in front of our apartment a few days ago. Somebody drove up, stuck a gun out of their car window and shot out a neighbor's glass sliding door before quickly driving off. Our neighbors were fine, praise Jesus, and we are offering them all the love and support we can. But the question which entered my mind is, "What's the point?"

The devil works through fear to keep people bound in in this life and the next, but it is our job to break the fear. We know that "perfect love expels all fear" (1 John 4.18), so we literally "love" the fear away. Some might hear of a drive-by shooting near their home and cower in fear, but I for one am not going to go into defensive mode.

Tonight we are heading out into the streets of Allentown to show love. We will pick up trash along the street and make new friends. We will be the face of Jesus to those who previously lived in fear.

The devil might have successfully shot out a window, but we are going to love many blocks tonight in the name of Jesus and there's nothing he can do to stop it.

Praise Jesus!!!