Our Mission

Purpose Power Love is a ministry to the city of Allentown which exist to (1) reveal each person's wonderful purpose in life, (2) unleash the almighty power of God through prayer, and (3) live love visibly on the streets of the city every day and night.

We are here to show the people of Allentown their true identities and purpose in life. Lies have been spread every day. The people of the city turn on the radio and hear that they are lazy. The Democrats tell them they are helpless and the Republicans tell them that they are not willing to help themselves. Much of the church appears to condemn them as murderers, thieves, racists, fornicators and otherwise perverse. And in the midst of all this, they hear demonic lies whispered in their ears that they are worthless, their lives are hopeless, and the only way to better their lives is to take part in things that will only damage them more and leave them burdened with guilt, shame and condemnation.

But that is not their identity! When Jesus died, He died for ALL! That means that they have been forgiven! Their value comes from their being children of God, special, unique creations made to glorify God by living lives of fulfillment and satisfaction in Him. Their worth was shown by Jesus’ giving of His own life to free them from all guilt, shame and condemnation! This is incredible, city and world-changing truth! So we make revealing identity and purpose primary in our mission for the city.

When we speak of power, we are talking about unleashing the power of God into the city through prayer. We have not because we ask not. We are devoted to lives and ministry of consistent and passionate prayer for our city. This means taking spiritual authority over an area where the devil thinks that He has dominion, and proclaiming that the strong man has been bound and we are by the power of the Spirit and in the name of Jesus plundering his house! This means praying for our streets, our homes, our people suffering physically, emotionally and spiritually. Prayer unleashes the power of Jesus! Holy Spirit is at work the city of Allentown, and in prayer we are aligning ourselves with Him to see a radical revolution of peace, love, joy, truth and power!

This is more than a ministry, it is a life of service as modeled by Jesus. This means adopting our city. This means walking the streets, cleaning up trash, giving to those in need and bringing hope to those who feel they have none. This means giving a face to Jesus in the city. This means having every person here know us by name and face as people who love them and are wholly sold out for them. This means knowing everything that happens in our city and being ready to respond in love at any moment to bring freedom and truth. Jesus is love and we are called to be Him to the city. Let’s do it!