Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kings and Queens

I recently heard the new single from Audio Adrenaline and absolutely loved it. "Kings and Queens" is a song about seeing people as God sees them (the song focuses on Hatian children, but the principle is universal). We have a God who has adopted us at the price of his own Son so that we can become his sons and daughters too. Now, if God is the king of the universe, then our adoption makes us sons and daughters of the King! The destiny of a king's children is to become kings and queens themselves. The Bible tells us that Jesus has already made us into kings (Rev. 1.6), yet we have not all embraced that truth and begun living out that reality.

Imagine if we could see everyone for their fullest potential as kings and queens in the eyes of Jesus, imagine how it would affect our lives! Watch the video below and be encouraged. Let us commit together to pray for a new filling of God's love for each and every one of us so that we will have his eyes to see everybody in our neighborhood, city and world as He does. "Kings and Queens" is my theme for 2013, maybe it could be yours too!

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