Friday, February 22, 2013

Prayer for Peace and Love

Lord, we're filled with grief that another human being has been butchered in the name of peace. I have claimed Allentown as a place of peace, yet I still see murders both inside and outside of the law. I would ask now in Jesus' name that you send peace again to our city and let murders become a thing of the past. I pray that we would stop trying to solve our problems by putting more armed "peacekeepers" on the streets and instead in love address the real issues.

I pray that institutional racist with be obliterated in Jesus' name and that there will be a new wave of freedom and hope for those in the inner-city. I pray that the violence will stop here and that the friends and family of this man recently murdered by police will not use this incident as justification for more violence.

Please fill our churches so full of love that it literally bursts out of our hearts in torrents both day and night. Lets those of us who claim the name of Jesus be known as those who love and live for the benefit of those around us. Please replace confusion with understanding, and lies with truth. The next time a person raises a loaded gun towards another, let that person become overwhelmed with the value of the life that he or she is about to take.

No one has the right to take another human's life and I pray that we will all come to understand that down to the deepest parts of our souls. Please speak your truth about the value of life and the joy of peace to those who believe violence is the best means of dealing with sin. We know that You, Lord, took the punishment for all of our sins so we can be free. We have been redeemed and given new lives of love, joy and peace through Jesus. Let us all live out of this truth and let the same flow out into our streets in Jesus' name.

Allentown is my city and in Jesus' name it is a city of peace.


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